Mine Proclamations unto Thee

Thou Candidates for Ordination as Shepherd in the Apostolic Corps...

To follow Me .. is to arise into Objectivity and Truth .. into All-consuming Love and Dedication .. to personally share My faith and trust devotions .. to maketh alive in you this great alliance with the Father's Life in thee.

To follow Me is to grow in thine loyalty with the Absoluteness of Life .. the Reality of Unconditional Tolerance and Unconquerable Integrity.

To follow Me is to enter into the Spirit Life of  unselfish service for all kingdoms of life.

Oh My children of the universe wherein we live and serve and advance the Father's Kingdom .. ye shall decide wholeheartedly to seek God's nature .. to give thyselves to his identity .. to offer to him freely thine living sacrifice of subjectivity and the poison of your separations in exchange for his Immaculate Conception.

To follow Me is to serve first by your moment to moment consecration of thine will in the doing and living of the Father's Majesty and Will. To consecrate thine life by letting thine falsehood become quickened into truthfulness and with the Truth Absolute.

To follow Me in thine personhood shall even further cause thee to consecrate thyselves into the vast and honorable discovery of My Ideals with the Triune Parenthood of all Life.

Verily .. I sayeth unto you .. to follow Me is to understand My Way of Victory .. to express My Life of Prayerful Intimacy Communion in all the moments of your time .. and to honor and become obedience itself within the Truth of God Authority and Personality Authorship in the righteous use of thine bestowed gifts of life.

To follow Me in this Advent of Ascendancy with Me is to walk within the consciousness of Wholeness .. entering cheerfully into the Singularity of Life .. the Simplicity of Impulse .. the Stability of Eternity .. the Certainty of your sonship and daughtership with God the Father.

Alas .. to follow Me is to abide in his everpresent Grace and approachability .. to unveil his Security of Knowing him .. to willingly and generously bequeath upon  thyselves through your receptivity his Service of Giving to all others who art truly of You.

Our Engagement of Eternity in the Father's Kingdom hath a Mercy which easily forgives all mistakes .. and a Mercy which deprives thee of having to undergo crisis and trauma and error  in your ascent Godward.

To follow Me is to earn thine rightful place in the universes by your wholehearted faith and trust in the Absoluteness of the Trinity Fountainhead of Life .. to strive daily for the achievement of his purity of mind and heart and body .. to raise the standards of living into his exalted life purpose.

Come forth inside thyself and arise into My Ideal of the Progressive Ascendancy of thy Personhood .. awaken beyond the boundaries of ephemerality into all Knowledge .. an Experiential Knowledge which shall elevate thine dignity and enlighten thine character ..

Enter with Me into the Omnipresent Kingdom of Love .. and as ye live as I live .. and as you approach your time in the flesh as I am demonstrating to you .. only then shall all thine vibratory field of consciousness become his alignment .. his awareness .. his aspiration .. and his ascendancy. Ye shall be accelerating all potentialities into actuality .. and the manifestation of your sonship and daughtership with Unwavering Truth shall become established for thee.

Follow Me towards the higher vestments and the greater Trinitarian Values and the embodiment of our Cardinal Virtues with the Local Universe Mother Spirit .. awaken thine Comforter Intimacy with Me in your growing reception of Me .. in your advancing evolutionary developments unto soul receptacle .. one decision to come and take upon thee the illuminated cross of your misqualifications and misunderstandings .. ye shall become one who is athirst for Righteousness and Truth .. as your direct knowing by faith .. directly by this living faith .. ye shall be walking with Me in My approach to the religious life .. our covenant shall be fulfilled .. as I have come to give you My Influences and Absorption to live and transform all things in your day by day awakening to Life.

I am the Universal Vine of Life .. Father Son Personified .. arrived upon thine terrestrial shores to give thee a life more prosperous and holy .. more abundantly joyful .. a life existence overflowing with the wealth of purpose and direction and alignment and awareness.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Michael Of Nebadon


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