Individualized Christs shall Reign upon Earth

I am come to deliver thee into the Father's Life and Heavenly Kingdom which shall make of thee Individualized Christs walking upon the earth .. awake in the majestic consciousness of Totality and Wisdom and Wholeness and Love.

I come into thine evolutionary journey once again. I demonstrate the Will of the Heavens and the Nature of the Universal Father and Son and Spirit.

I showeth thee a universe overflowing with love and mercy for you .. an existence which is awaiting your eternalized becoming.

As you give thyself to Mine Engagement of Eternity .. so shall I create for thee the many everlasting miracles of dignity and honor and glory and understanding and divine experience and spirit expression in thine life.

The Father's Kingdom shall becometh for thee a living Existential Life .. an abundance of the Expressionful Word of Glory .. and an Experiential Act of Attainment which raises you into your awaiting God Life and Divinity Identity.

I come to gather My disciples of the world .. to prepare Mine apostles in our Planetary Apostolic Corps of Christs upon the earth.

I shall showeth thee .. establishing thee .. quickening thee .. revealing to thine tender heart the true miracle of thine God Ascent into Immortality and Cosmic Citizenship.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Michael Of Nebadon


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