Mine Arrival

Blessed are the holy ones of the earth who heed Mine arrival upon thine shores.

I have told you that I would return to you in My Spirit Person .. and that I would knock upon the doorway of your hearts for admittance.

Admit Me to come in. Accept Me in My Father Son Persona in this 21st Century Bestowal Mission.

Greater works doth humankind have to perform in lifting themselves beyond the current predicament of the world crisis.

Greater fortunes are there to unearth .. and greater leagues hath man to become in his and her soul advancements.

I call thee .. I come in the humility of our covenant to grant thee a passageway through the dimensions of the earth.

Fulfill My command. Honor Me as your Sovereign Father Son sent to gather the readily receptive ones.

Bend thine knee in holy admiration to the Father Son Spirit who shall deliver thee into righteousness and respect.

Bend thine heart with the scaffolding of your service and silence. Adore the Trinity Parenthood of Eternity; for they alone shall distribute through Mine Persona the adventures and advantages of your ascendancy in Light and Life Everlasting.

Michael Of Nebadon


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