God the Supremacy

The Supremacy of God in time is the Christos that we share together as One. 
This is the great and unfathomable secret of creature growth in time and space creation. The Supreme in you and through you and I .. must conquer the incomplete potentials of the present and He must bring a healthy consummation to the perfecting future.
This is our mission within time and space.
The culminating fruits of all finite growth are dependent upon personality. You are called forth to become the Self-directive Governing Consciousness of the One Power and Life. You are learning and arising into this responsibility over time and with the opportunities of space. All Power of existence is always controlled through the mind and by the spirit in collaboration with .. hopefully .. righteousness and honor for this One Life to blossom and emerge in its potencies and unto its actualities.
You hold within your grasp this actualizing .. this emergence .. of God the Supremacy in time and space creation. The unifying and creative presence of personality is designed to bring this forth in all dignity and respect.
...and one day in the distant future will this culminating consequence and divinity emergence of all this growth in the Supreme Being show Itself in every creation and creative personality soul who delivers themselves to the unfolding reality of God's Supremacy in time and space.
Michael Of Nebadon


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