The Worthy Ones Shall Enter the Kingdom

Worthy are you as you give without calling attention to thyself and without claiming the blessings as your own doings.

Give all to the Father. Allow the God Life to shine. Giveth all the power and intelligence to him.

Worship him and acknowledge him in every moment.

Reserve not a morsel of recognition for thine human selfhood.  Be thou brave to vanquish all vanity and rebelliousness and selfishness.

Woe unto the wretched ones who are determined to hold all resources for themselves.

Woe unto the cruel and ugly ones of thine race who set about to deter the Progressive Ascendancy of thine personality soul.

Be not discouraged when the world persecutes your endeavors with Me; for I am the Lord thy God .. Father Son Personified .. who hath dominion over all the trillions of personalities under My Care and Guidance.

You who walk steadfastly with Me .. who learn of My teachings .. and who follow in My footsteps towards Life Everlasting .. you are the rare breed who have gained righteousness over the centuries of your lifetimes.

Worthy are they who call themselves of Light and Life .. for these are My true children who are committed to advance themselves beyond the infantile nature of their existence.

I come .. to unbind the worthy .. to saturate the receptive .. to accelerate and renew the disciples of the world who are caused to enter into our Engagement of Eternity.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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