Followeth Me

He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness .. yet do I sayeth unto you .. these ones shall come to learn of My Life as their very own Life. They shall learn to follow in My footsteps .. so that each may blossom into the sons and daughters of the promised destiny.

I teach thee to enter Unconditional Joy by thine understanding. I showeth thee My Way of victoriously conquering thine ephemerality by this fellowship with knowledge and counsel. I encourage each of you to discover courage and conscience .. to avail thyselves ot Our Guidance and Support in growing thyself beyond the bounds of the mechanical mind and thine concrete thinkings.

This is Mine Word which haileth from the Primal Son who resides behind all other sons and daughters.

These are My pronouncements unto humanity and all kingdoms of the earth; that you shall stand forth and ask .. come forward and reach .. walk apart from the masses and become.

Thine life hath a value in eternity .. and you must respond to Its beckoning grace.

Thine character hath an allegiance to enter into and bear fruit .. the blossomings of immortality and eternal service are this fruit which My Father's Kingdom allows to open and emerge in thee.

Seek true illumination by opening to God's Objectivity and Absolutes.

Deliverance of thyselves from all blindness of heart shall be awakened only as you evolve into soul receptivity.

Let it be thine most earnest study .. to confront thyselves and to understand what he shall see .. to dwell upon the Life I AM in thee.

I bid of thee to follow with a heart overflowing sincerely for freedom and eternal values .. everlasting meanings .. the richness of relationship ripening with Love Himself .. and with obedience and openness let thine station in existence become advanced and arisen .. that you may know of the Life I AM.

Michael Of Nebadon


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