Strive Towards the Intangible One

Thine ephemeral eye is never satisfied with seeing .. nor is thine ephemeral ear ever complete with hearing.

Verily do I instruct thee in the ways of the heavenly Ones who have accomplished their eternality and have become entered into the great Supremacy of God as immortals ..

Strive towards the intangibles of life itself .. turn away thine heart from loving the things that are seen with mortal vision .. and set thine sight and hearing upon those things of an eternal nature which are unseen by ephemeral sight .. these are the everlasting things not seen by the ephemeral eye.

For I tell thee Mine children of the earth .. they who follow after their own lesser urges and material impulses only .. and they who are bound-up in fleshly lusts .. these ones do defile their character .. decimate their consciousness of the Infinity of Life .. they destroy their very conscience .. and they become enslaved to temporality in such a way that they destroy the grace of God's forgiveness and mercy.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Yes, Beloved Michael.........I dont love the ephemeral things......but they take me time.......I must make more strong the Will of God in me to balance my choices and it slowly is getting better........Thank You always por Your care , guide and love.....

  2. I have to admit, I'm crawling and I'm in diapers, as a disciple of yours, I had to discard everything that was religion taught by humans, to start with you again, the only I know,
    is that I love you and for you I do my human work.


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