Everpotent Tonic of Vibrancy and Life

My Spirit of Truth purifies the human heart and leads the individual godward. My Comforter replenishes the mortality of mind with an everpotent urge of faith worship and the higher inclinations of progressive ascendancy for freedom eternal through personal spirit religious relationship.

I am come to invigorate thine hunger for truth .. to initiate you into formulating a life priority for eternal meanings and divine decision .. a life purpose singularly devoted to the will of God.

I am the luminosity of the Eternal Word of God the Father and God the Son. I come to bring luminosity to the way of approaching the Universal Spirit of the God the Father's Life residing in you; it is his Life which is your destination .. your destiny in time and space evolutionary achievement.

My Spirit acts as a living nectar which unfailingly opens thine mind to its objective heritage .. and to stimulate thine holy desire to help serve all the kingdoms of life upon the earth.

The welfare of men and women shall find a new avenue of compassion and generosity and merciful ministration from those personalities who give themselves to My guidance.

Ye shall discover a heroic regeneration of unearthly strength and eternal vigor for advancement upon the byways of God ascendancy.

Thine material urges and animalistic inclinations shall become ripened into those divinely developed differential urges for finding God and becoming alike unto him .. as ye arise to live the will of the heavens.

A new man and a new woman ye shall become as the lowly and demoralizing spirit of selfishness and self-centeredness is transmuted .. and it shall becometh swallowed up in our Comforter Association.

A new spiritual bestowal maturing all debilitating selflessness into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and respect  .. reverence relationship and personal revelation shall be given its birth in My apostleswho remain athirst for Progressive Ascendancy into Cosmic Citizenship.

Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter shall be as a living beacon .. the Eternalizing Word of Eeverlasting Sustenance and Nourishment for the newly emerging divine sons and daughters who take Mine Universal Hand of this living renewal and apply Mine teachings .. demonstrating in themselves that every motivating impulse and initiatives and urge and choice shall be devoted to giving themselves into the living altar of Life indwelling.

...and this renewal shall overflow for My disciples into a spirit-enthralled experience carrying each into his awaiting destiny and immortality.

Ye shall find a life of absolute faith trust building daily in body, mind, and thine personality soul is saturated with becoming.

Our untold Joy emerges and blossoms as you are simply living towards perfecting thine human mortal nature into God's nature and identity .. as My Spirit is outpoured and received by you.

And as this same Spirit Presence of My Eternal Person is consciously received and experienced in human life .. it becomes for thee an everpotent tonic for greater wholeness and health .. a refining stimulus for your thoughts and feelings .. and an energy of victorious faith trust for thine soul.

Michael Of Nebadon


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