Emerging Masters of Living Luminosity

Good Morning beautiful and emerging masters...

The Creative Fire that "I AM" is the Flame of God, His Master Presence, anchored in the heart of every one of God's children. While in some It is but a spark, yet with the right touch, that spark can be fanned into a Creative Fire and Consuming Flame.

Breathe deeply and combine that breathing of Impregnation with its powers of Invisualization Faith and Imagination Trust.

Breathe with the Intention to enter the Kingdom of his Communion.

Harness the breathing to gather all thine soul forces into this unconquerable communion of your mindful attention .. directing and placing this attention upon the Life of the Animating Father Force.

Enter his invisible Kingdom by Faith Invisualization and Imagination Trust.

See to it .. that you art penetrating through any resistance and rebelliousness.

With thine creative awareness .. ye shall penetrate the veils of ephemerality and superficiality in order to touch the living robe of the Father's Sovereignty.

Breathe deeply and with confidence .. conviction of faith .. and that loving consciousness which only you may bring forth in the endearing hopes of salvation.

You shall be My commander unto thine freedom.

Focus with pure desire upon knowing God the Father whose Life thou art.

Focus wholeheartedly...

Gather thine soul forces of awareness through breathing with Intention and Intensity of feelings for the Universal Spirit of Life in thee. Through mindful urges of heightened belief and desire.

Yes .. step forth unto living as Mine Sovereign Shepherd. Step forth into allegiance with Truth.

Before thine human thoughts even know what's going on .. you each must step forth with mindful urges for worship .. for prayerful communion .. and with the rod of wholehearted willingness.

Breathe and make contact. Generate daily this newly empowering momentum.

Truth Everlasting hath a momentum and power to ride upon .. for the Father's Life is all-powerful he is and an all-pervading omnipresence and omniscience which you may contact by Daily Prayerful Intimacy and these Tenfold Embracing Eternity Exercises.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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