Transformers of Love

Knoweth the Power of God who animates thine flesh. Ask to know of him .. and ye shall be entering upon the avenues of ascendancy which lead into your freedom.

Righteousness is developed by choice and over time thine decisions for Truth shall be of priority and purpose.

Be thou of righteousness in thine choices daily as to where ye shall give thine allegiance and thine attentions.

I say .. give thine attentions into our ascendancy in light and life everlasting. Open and allow .. invigorate thine will by practicing truthfulness with thy brothers and sisters.

Ye shall soweth rightly .. and with honor and dignity .. integrity and immersion .. illumination and intelligence.

Now are ye walking within My Universal Heart of Love. Ye have taken upon thee the sins of the world .. the misqualified conditions of the ephemeral mind .. and ye have embarked upon the pathway of light .. upwards in thine  trajectories of love and liberation.

I bid thee wholeness and the omnipotent willingness of mind to express the Kingdom of the Father's Life.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Breve pero sabia y profunda reflexión sobre Nuestro Creador y su influencia en lo efímero de la existencia humana.
    Por otra parte se no alienta a la práctica de la rectitud, lealtad, honor y dignidad con nuestros hermanos y hermanas
    sabemos que caminamos en el Corazón Universal de Amor de Michael.


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